Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dine Like Gatsby

 photo 470_2624612_zps796ada5a.jpg
Went to see Leonardo Di Caprio's excellent performance as Jay Gatsby in the latest film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's, THE GREAT GATSBY. I'd also like to mention that I totally bought Tobey Maguire's performance as the story's narrator Nick Carraway. (I have to admit that after seeing Sam Waterson in the role of Nick years earlier -- I was slightly skeptical.)

But when answering the literary food question of : What would be on the standard champagne sparkling menu at the grand Gatsby mansion on West Egg, Long Island in the year 1925, I really think the best answer would be found here:

And please go see this movie. I saw it in 3D. And minus the gratuitous 21st century rap music (which I sort of didn't get)... I loved it.