Friday, January 20, 2012

On Valentine's Day: What Chefs Want

After spending so much of their time cooking for others, nothing says "I love you" quite like a romantic timeout from the kitchen, and having a meal prepared especially for YOU.

As such, the good folks over at Epicurious asked single chefs from across the country what their perfect Valentine's Day meal would be.

And, since Valentine's Day is one of the busiest of the year in the restaurant business, for those chefs who were polled, enjoying their dream meal on V Day really is the ultimate fantasy.

And, since I'm not a chef and no one asked me anyway, I don't mind saying that besides a preliminary gift certificate for an extreme mani-pedi at my favorite NYC nail spa (V Day red manicure, for sure), for this person who the finds herself spending a lot more time in the kitchen these days than expected, anything from the video clip annals of my forever muse, the late, great, Julia Child featuring her awesome winter stews and "comfort food" would be as close to fantasy as I could possibly get.

In any case, read more here to find out what the chefs said.

Then grab on to a glass of wine and watch as Julia shows you how to make the perfect Beef Bourguignon stew in this vintage clip.

Miss you, Julia.                                                                                     

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ginger Margarita: Not Just For Summer

I was at an after work party yesterday and I was amazed at how some things can work so well off-season -- as well as in season.

Take for instance the absolutely scrumptious ginger margarita I had last night from an expert downtown NYC mixologist.  (A super duper fancy term for one who exceeds above and beyond being just your average, ordinary bartender or barkeep). Even though I have to admit that thoughts of summer on such a cold January night in New York did in fact cross my mind, and I'd really be lying if I said otherwise.

Anyway, here's a clip with one of my favorite chefs (and mixologists), Ming Tsai, giving you the secret to a spectacular ginger margarita. Self indulgent clip spoiler: The secret is in the ginger syrup that you make yourself. 

Watch the clip. Ming shows you how.

Friday, January 06, 2012

The Future of In-Flight Meals

Be honest. When's the last time you actually saw THIS on a commercial flight??
(I'm talking about the chef's hat and the smile, of course.)

Happy 2012.  I'm baaaaccck.

And as always, I'm back also promising to be a far more diligent blogger in the year 2012. (Cough, cough...clears throat.)  Okay, never mind.

Anyway, after my recent holiday travels that were solely on America's jam-packed highways this time around, I ran across this tasty morsel of food for thought:

The year is 2050. You’re on Global Airways’ three-hour flight from Los Angeles to Singapore and you’re famished. Does a robot present your dinner pill on command, or are harried flight attendants still asking “chicken or beef” and dropping rubbery entrĂ©es onto tired trays?

It seems futurists and culinary visionaries have wildly varying, mind-boggling theories on how airline meals will look decades forward, but the experts seem to agree on one thing: We’re not going to merely swallow a pill in the sky and call it supper. Because after all... where would the real fun be in THAT?

To find out more, read here.