Friday, August 12, 2011

London Riots: And One Organic Chef Gone Wild

It seems that everybody wants to get into the act when it comes to the looting and violence going on in the city of London. So much, that if you think England's rioters are nothing but a bunch of inner city thugs -- you really need to think again.

According to The Sun, a millionaire's daughter, a ballerina and an organic chief were also allegedly in on the action.

It also appears that there are some definite exceptions to the "overall" profile theories about the London riots, as well as socioeconomic discontent in general. And a perfect example would be an organic chef accused of smashing up a branch of Nando's, a chicken restaurant chain. Or, a teen from a cushy suburb who allegedly drove away from the London riots with $8,880 worth of cigarettes, booze and electrical goods in her car. This same teen lives in her parents' £1 million farmhouse in the countryside -- complete with tennis courts.

Or, how about the young looter who police tackled inside an East Dulwich Tesco market, who told the court he was just trying to buy diapers for his baby, and claimed he swiped a pair of ski goggles from a store -- to shield his eyes from flying glass from the looting and violence around him.

Interesting stuff, and certainly a bit different than the urban rioting and social frustraions of the past that took place right here on our side of the pond.

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