Friday, March 18, 2011

Diners Get Carried Away

Imagine sitting in a waterside eatery and the next thing you see, is yourself (and fellow diners) floating down river.

Well, seems Jeff Ruby's Waterfront restaurant did just that, and broke free from its dock on the Ohio River with at least 150 patrons on board. The restaurant is currently lodged under the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge, which is keeping it from drifting down the river. The barge broke from its moorings on the flood-swollen waters, then drifted downriver during the dinner rush before emergency crews rescued 83 patrons using a gangplank of ladders and ropes.

Tugboats kept it from moving farther downriver and eventually towed it back from whence it came (ie, up the river). Owner Jeff Ruby is unsure he'll reopen as the accident caused six-figures worth of damages.

Watch below as locals gather on shore to watch the gigantic restaurant being pulled upstream.

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