Friday, March 04, 2011

Tweeting Up A Storm


It seems super star Chicago chef, cookbook author, and Tex-Mex enthusiast, Rick Bayless, found himself stewing in the middle of an unexpected media stir recently, for tweeting about the preparations for a White House state dinner honoring Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

Okay. Yeah, I know. So far, Rick's alleged faux pas sounds about as harmless as tweeting about a recent trip to Williams-Sonoma, or why those microwave recipes you just sent your kid in college don't seem to be working out, right?


This ittty bitty tweet soon led to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times reporting that Bayless' public tweeting ran counter to efforts by the "White House press operation to downplay the glamor aspect of the state dinner." In addition, it was reported that Bayless had tweeted from directly inside the White House, a clear violation of White House rules.

But Bayless immediately came out swinging, asserting that he never tweeted from the White House in the first place in a follow-up tweet, where he demanded an apology.

Anyway, read more here as Bayless fires back in this interesting White House flair up. (And um...downplayed glamor aspect aside, I hope the meal turned out okay.)

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