Friday, February 25, 2011

Graphic Cookbook: A Novel Idea

As I've said here before, the latest buzz in publishing is that graphic novels are here to stay -- and on the rise.

And according to the Strong Buzz, Amanda Cohen, the chef/owner of Dirt Candy, has signed a deal with publisher Clarkson Potter to create a cookbook disguised as a graphic novel.
Cohen recently spoke here about not really having a reason to add yet another cookbook to the already overcrowded (and extremely redundant) cookbook shelves. But here is how she describes the idea behind the cookbook as comic book:

"I had an idea for the kind of cookbook that would work for Dirt Candy: a graphic novel cookbook. I’m not sure if 'graphic novel' is the best term here since it’s a cookbook and not a novel, but that’s the best description I can come up with."

Okay, fair enough. But I think that simply calling it a "graphic cookbook" and setting the trend for others of its kind to follow -- might also work as well."

Anyway, Cohen is teaming upwith cartoonist Ryan Dunlavey, the artist behind the "Action Philosophers," a non-fiction comic book about the lives of the great philosophers. Her book is due to be released Summer 2012.

Best of luck wit this Amanda. Can't wait to pick this one up off the shelves -- and take it home.

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