Friday, January 14, 2011

Kanye...Who Knew?

Who would have even imagined Kanye West as a budding food writer? Well, someone has, as indicated by the No One Man Should Have All That Flour blog, filled with some very cleverly rewritten West song lyrics about food.
Check out the artwork for one of my favorite Kanye West songs: Love Lockdown –- re-titled: "Stove Lockdown" (love it!):
And this dedication to none other than Martha Stewart herself:
“Hey Martha
I made your sweet corn chowder soup
My fly ass clique approved
And let me tell you ‘bout what else I cooked
Hey Martha
When I made your crab rangoon, the Pleasant aroma made some people drool
I appreciate all of your recipes andI always end up with fork tender meat
Hey Martha”
Hey Martha
Hey Kanye, I still think dissing Taylor Swift was in no way cool (even though you did humbly apologize) but I gotta say I'm totally loving this food lyric concept with you in mind.

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