Friday, October 15, 2010

Anthony Bourdain's Extreme Cuisine Novel: Get Jiro

The popularity of extreme cuisine aside, with more and more authors having success at publication through penning graphic novels, this particular writing genre is also becoming really popular with readers (and publishing houses too) lately.

And the latest buzz is that my all-time favorite bad boy chef, author, and No Reservations host Anthony Bourdain is working on a graphic novel about food. The Eater notes that Vertigo, the publisher of the upcoming book, has just publicly confirmed that a book is in the works.
Bourdain will be writing in collaboration with novelist Joel Rose, along with illustrations by artist Langdon Foss. Here are some of the details:

GET JIRO! is a futuristic action thriller that takes America’s newfound obsession with exotic cuisine to a manic, violent extreme. It takes place in a world where food and the secrets of how to prepare it are the source of all power leading master chefs to fight over Jiro, a mysterious top-notch sushi chef with ideas of his own.

And just as a reminder folks, the title is Get Jiro...not Get Gyro. So if you were expecting sliced lamb, a creamy Greek tzatziki sauce, and pita pocket bread to show up somewhere in the storyline, you just might be a little disappointed.

Kudos, Chef Bourdain. Can't wait to dig into this one, and see how Jiro (and your other extreme cuisine characters)...mix it up.

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