Friday, October 01, 2010

25 Things Chefs Never Tell You

Most chefs I've met have been very vocal, especially when it comes to the topic of food.

But having said that, what about some of those pesky questions we've always had on our minds as restaurant patrons -- but never dared to ask? For example: Do restaurants recycle the bread basket? Are most of us bad tippers? Food Network Magazine surveyed chefs across the country — anonymously — to find out everything we’ve always wanted to know.

Chefs are pickier than you think.
Liver, sea urchin, tofu, eggplant, and oysters, of all things, topped the list of foods chefs hate most. Only 15% of chefs surveyed said they’d eat absolutely anything.

Still, chefs hate picky eaters.
More than 60% said requests for substitutions are annoying. Some of their biggest pet peeves: When customers pretend to be allergic to an ingredient, and when vegetarians make up rules, like "a little chicken stock is OK." (Yeah, right, along with "a little sausage in that Thanksgiving stuffing won't hurt," or make them look like the total bunch of hypocrites they are, or, um... Okay, nevermind.)

Man, better make that chef down.
Also, did you know that most chefs cook when they're sick and injured, and some have reported even missing parts of their fingers? No? Then read more about it here.

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Lynn Sinclair said...

I may never eat out again.