Friday, July 23, 2010

Webcams: Eyes On Gulf Coast Seafood

Needless to say, the recent oil spill in the Gulf has had us all wondering: Is the seafood we’re seeing (and buying) at our local fish markets safe?

Well, the state of Florida seems to have put forth an effort to do something to help promote public awareness about the availability of seafood from its own waters. Webcams have been placed at several seafood harvesting, processing and retail sales locations around the state to show that "Florida is in business." The seafood establishments being featured are located in the Panhandle Gulf Coast region: Pensacola, Santa Rosa Beach, Tallahassee, Destin and St. George Island. The webcams are operational only during normal business hours for each establishment. Some cameras might be turned off at the time you are viewing. If so, you can visit again during the establishment's business hours, to view the webcam activity.

Webcams. Yes, that’s right. So now if you're curious about what local seafood is being caught and sold, now you can take a glimpse before you head to the sandy beaches of the Florida Gulf coast. You can survey selection and price. And yes, you too, can be a real seafood counter "insider."

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Lynn Sinclair said...

Kind of weird -- shopping and having your movements pasted on the Internet.