Friday, July 09, 2010

The Answer's On The Apron

These days who needs iPad apps for cooking guides, when all you have to do... is slip on an apron?

SUCK UK has the non-digital solution: Apron Cooking Guides. These are printed aprons with handy cooking reference such as cooking times, roasting times, numeric conversions, freezing instructions, defrosting times, and a cooking glossary. And in a word (well, okay, two) they're not only clever, but amazing. (Yes, I've already ordered one, got it, love it.)

And to really make it user friendly, the information is printed upside down so that it can be viewed right side up by pulling up the bottom of the apron.

By the way, lots of other cool gadgets at this site, so rest assured, browsing through it when you have a chance…won't suck. (Hey, gotta love that "Throw and Grow" flower grenade thingy on the main page.)

1 comment:

Lynn Sinclair said...

Great idea! I'm always pulling out my "Joy of Cooking" for the cooking temperatures, times, etc.