Friday, April 09, 2010

A Sip From The Hip

Laptop in one hand, cellphone in the other? Oh, what to do, what to do now…with that pesky cup of joe??
Well, besides filing this one under my "Have We Really Gone Too Far?" file, this Beltclip cupholder that attaches a drink to your hip might just be the answer to this multi-tasking dilemma.
And on that same note, I also have to say, that while a holster for bottled water (or even beer or soda, for that matter) might make some sense, the idea of carrying a hot latte attached to your hip -- sounds kinda dangerous. In fact, the mere thought of a cup of hot Starbucks slowly oozing down my pant leg, for me, puts this kind of task juggling way up there on my list of things -- NOT TO TRY.
But in any case, if you're still interested, this little new-age gadget is only $4.95 -- and comes in a choice of 11 colors at

1 comment:

Lynn Sinclair said...

I guess this might work if you were just standing still. Or if you were into hot coffee showers.