Friday, March 05, 2010

The Real Julia Child

As many of you already know (lest I repeat it again) she was my muse -- and my goddess.

But it seems that just before this year's Oscar winners are announced on Sunday night, when hopefully Meryl Streep will walk away with the gold statuette for her portrayal of a bubbly, French spewing, and most-times effervescent Julia Child in Julie and Julia , many people now ask: Who was the real Julia?

Well, one person who certainly knows, is New York Times reporter, Joyce Purnick, who interviewed Julia Child during the meat boycott here in the U.S. back in 1973. And as Purnick reports in a recent Los Angeles Times article, interviewing the real Julia in her prime showed a side of her that the moviegoing public would barely recognize. The Julia she saw back then was a dour, straight-talking (in English), prickly, and generally impatient woman who Purnick admits she waylaid on the set at PBS Channel 13 here in New York, just after watching Julia teach America how to prepare a killer zucchini omelet.

But what happens after that presents quite a different perspective of this culinary icon, and, for the most part, in sharp contrast to the perky and effusive cries of "Merci!" and "Bon Apetit!" that we see in the recent Meryl Streep version.

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Lynn Sinclair said...

She'd probably intimidate the heck out of me. Sorry Meryl didn't win.