Friday, January 08, 2010

Will Write For Food

The food writing craft is in transition, or at least, it certainly is since the days when yours truly made a fairly decent living at it.

And clearly, if observers and technologists are to be believed, many more changes are soon to come. Therefore, several top food writers will examine food writing trends and the future of food writing.

So if you happen to be in or around the NYC area, a food writing conference featuring leading journalists, cookbook authors, and other food media insiders will take place at the Roger Smith Hotel (501 Lexington Ave.) in New York City on February 12 to 14.

Topics for discussion: the craft of food writing, the future of food writing and cookbook publishing, and in a world that's almost 99.99% controlled by cyberspace: How (and where exactly) to make a living as a food writer in this new day and age.

The price for this conference is $195 per person, plus additional fees for the writing workshops.

Check it out. I'll be there.

Tickets are available here:


Colin Galbraith said...

Hi Georgie. I miss your banter! Glad you're doing well.


Lynn Sinclair said...

I don't write about food, but wish I could be there with you, Georgie!