Friday, August 07, 2009

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service...Baby?

Hello, all. I'm back.

And yes, the summer so far...has been great. Barbeque, barbeque, and more barbeque... 'nuff said. Wildwood Barbeque here in beautiful downtown NYC, you ROCK. Talk about getting totally sauced? Yowsa!

But now that I'm back check this one out.

Ripe for my "Come on…Are You Kdding Me?" file, is this recent happening from the good folks (or should I say fast food Nazis…er, um…"engineers") at a local Burger King in St. Louis, Missouri.

It seems that like most restaurants, the Burger King in a St. Louis suburb has a no shoes, no shirt, no service policy. And baby, do they enforce it. Too much so, the company admitted, after apologizing for restaurant workers who asked a mother to leave because her 6-month-old wasn't wearing shoes.

Jennifer Frederich, her mother and Frederich's infant daughter, Kaylin, stopped at the Burger King in Sunset Hills on Sunday. The baby was shoeless - Frederich figured tiny baby feet were immune from the rule.

But workers told the family to leave because the shoeless baby was violating a health code. In fact, shoelessness is not a health code violation in St. Louis County.

Frederich told KTVI-TV that she and her mother ate hurriedly and left before they could be kicked out. Frederich did not have a listed phone number, and The Associated Press could not reach her for comment.

Burger King released a statement Thursday indicating workers had taken the no shoes, no service policy too far.


In any event, read more here


Lynn Sinclair said...

Tiny baby toes could carry a lot of germs, you know? It's amazing how many stories like this have come out lately.

Lara said...

People need to calm the heck DOWN.
Then again, we live in a very litigious society, and there is very little "gray area" these days...

Debra Young said...

It's hard to believe somebody could be that idiotic.

By the way, Georgie, have you seen "Julie & Julia"?

H.G. Dowdell said...

Yes, Debra. Saw it -- and in true "Meryl Streep" form she literally nailed Julia Child (my all-time favorite gastronomic goddess!) in this movie in my opinion.