Friday, August 14, 2009

Julia and Jacques

With all the recent success of the fantastic new movie, Julie and Julia, featuring Meryl Streep as my goddess, the late great Julia Child, I just want to remind all of you that one of the greatest "pairings" of chefs was the match up between Julia Child and master French chef Jacques Pépin.

And along these same lines, a simply must-have for your cookbook shelf is Cooking at Home by Jacques and Julia. The book, released in 1999 was (and is) the companion volume to Julia Child and Jacques Pépin's PBS TV series of the same name.

Julia Child often defended some of her trademark dishes, that people over the years have touted as extremely "high" in fat content...and not very slimming. According to my dear Julia's words:

"The only key to your weight choosing your grandparents more carefully."

Miss you, Julia.

And check out the absolutely sinful mashed white and orange (sweet) potatoes she and Jacques whip up toward the end of this video clip.

Good Lord!

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Lynn Sinclair said...

French cuisine may have a high fat content but my, the food is good (of course, all that buttery goodness is what makes it so appealing!)