Friday, June 26, 2009

Le Chocolat Goes Postal

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Blogger and author David Lebovitz tells us this week about these new chocolate stamps that are being printed by La Poste, the French postal service.

Unlike those popular Chinese Year of the Pig stamps (which were touted to taste like sweet and sour pork, but by all accounts...kinda didn't), Lebovitz writes that these stamps really are scented (with the aroma of chocolate).

A set of 10 stamps -- which come in a booklet made to resemble a chocolate bar -- is 8.5 € over at La boutique web du timbre.

Interested? Why not? These chocolatey-good stamps can also be purchased online and shipped to the U.S.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Five Meals, Ten Ingredients

Right now, go and take a quick peek inside your fridge. Think you can do it? Well, in this video clip, Mark Bittman food writer and and author of How To Cook Everything shows you just how easy it is. (Love that shrimp and asparagus pasta dish!)

So watch here as he shows you exactly how to stock your pantry -- and make five (yes, count them...FIVE) dishes from the 10 average ingredients you should have on hand.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

NYC Food Film Festival

I'm off to the third annual NYC Food Film Festival this evening here in NYC. And, if you happen to be a foodie living in or around the NYC area, it pays to hop on down to the Astor Center today, or one of two other NY area locations through June 19th.

The complete food movie schedule lists at least several dozen films. From the inspiring -- to probably the slightly ridiculous, some of these movie titles (such as "Buttermilk: It Can Help" and "Mutton: The Movie") have totally peeked my interest, and I've gotta check it out this year, for sure.

Have a quick peek at the event's official trailer here:

2009 NYC Food Film Festival Trailer from George Motz on Vimeo.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Spherical Ice

This month, New York's B Flat Restaurant's drink mixologist, Takaaki Hashimoto, is giving a video demo on Star Chefs where he demonstrates how to carve jewel-shaped and spherical ice, just like the ones on New York Magazine's slideshow of the city’s best cubes. (Yes, folks...there seems to be a definite "art" to sculpting ice cubes, obviously stretching far and beyond those dinky little trays in our refrigerator freezers.)

By using only a few extra-sharp sushi knives and bare hands to shape a frosty slab of ice, Hashimoto makes the round "jewel" cut look especially easy.

Then again, given the sharp blades (and bare fingers) involved here, I really wouldn't suggest trying it -- at home.

But on the other hand, if you really think you've got the ice sculpting "cojones" -- the end result might wind up looking as gorgeous as this: