Friday, October 03, 2008

Desperately Seeking Moose Meat


What can you learn about Sarah Palin from eating a moose burger? Probably not much.

But how about a moose farm? There’s one in Russia that only sells moose dairy products.

Still, you'd be really hard pressed to find a moose farm in the United States. It seems that the demand here is low, due to the fact that it costs more to produce the meat (and to cut it), than you can actually sell it for. (As well as it being, well, just a wee bit illegal for sale here in the U.S.)

Anyway, read more here about a Washington, D.C. writer who, in desperation for a little "Big Mac" style moose flavor, placed an ad on Craigslist in Vermont. This was to barter for the meat, of course, instead of an exchange of money, i.e., an actual purchase or sale. (Clever, huh?)

In any event, pass the relish. Hmmm... I'm wondering...does garlic work as well on moose to get rid of that "gamey" taste?


Lynn Sinclair said...

Moose farming. Now, that's a little different. Moose milk? I'd rather not go there.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Georgie, it's Joan of Ars. Thought I'd say hello here, no one posts at Ars Concordia anymore. Well, almost no one. Moose may become extinct soon, especailly if people are trying to cut them up for burgers. All the years I lived in Vermont, I think I saw only two moose.(Or is that mooses?) God bless, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.If you want to say hello -- I'm at Maybe someday I'll have my own website. Probably not in this decade!