Friday, August 15, 2008

Pint-sized Hell In the Kitchen

After recently being touted as "Little Gordon," the foul-mouthed child actor playing celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay "junior," returns in a second video at the UK online jobs recruitement website, which has the chef dressing down the manager of a failing restaurant.

In the second viral video produced by Rebel Virals, Little Gordon accompanies his parents on their wedding anniversary to a local restaurant. After waiting an hour for their starter the Ramsay Junior can take no more.

He summons the manager and lets rip as the celebrity chef has been seen to do many times in his series Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares where the celebrity chef attempts to turn around failing restaurant businesses.

In any event, having once been a parent of a child of Little Gordon's age myself, I don't know how I'd really see the "cuteness" value in having my child spewing these four-letter words for the camera -- only (and hopefully) to turn around later and try to instill in him that this type of language is not exactly "polite" social behavior in restaurants -- or anywhere else. But then again, child actors cussing on cue like sailors on a 3-day pass, has never really been my general idea of "cute" to begin with, so I guess I'm really probably not your best judge on this one.

Anyway, see for yourself as Little Gordon Ramsay pitches his latest culinary Holy War in this clip:

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Lynn Sinclair said...

The kid is so much like Ramsay that it's kind of scary.