Friday, August 01, 2008

Iron Chef America: Taking The Lid Off

Iron Chef, Cat Cora

Nightline did a long segment on Iron Chef America this week and although the segment was more promo than exposé, there were some good tidbits along the way that the show's many fans might not be aware of.

• Mark Dacascos, the diminutive martial-arts actor who portrays the presiding “chairman” on the show, insists on being called “The Chairman” at all times. (Or, at least, he did that day.)

• The chefs are constantly cutting themselves (accidents that are then, presumably, edited out). “Sous-chefs do most of the work in restaurants, so they have the best knife skills,” host Alton Brown tells Nightline. “Chefs get a little sloppy on the knife skills.”

• When the Iron Chef is selected, the shadowed figures to his left and right are stand-ins. Only one Iron Chef comes in at a time.

So, that's how they do it, huh?

Anyway, if you're a fan of the show (and I have to admit that for me, this one will *never* measure up to the old original Japanese version of the 1990s), you'll want to read this.

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