Friday, June 20, 2008

Forbidden Fruit

Never since that low-grade, 1970s horror flick, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes has this pulpy, red recipe staple gotten so much bad press. Still, it seems that Salmonella-flavored tomatoes have now sickened seven more people here in New York. Even though, the Health Department claims it still doesn't know where these "Killer Tomatoes" are actually coming from.

"These people might have bought tomatoes at many different places, or they might not remember where they ate tomatoes. We cannot say that any of these places are the source until we have confirmed that they are, and we have not yet done that," a NYC Health Department spokeswoman recently told the New York Post. And of course, the NYC Health Department is totally wise to be cautious. No doubt, one false allegation of bad produce -- could lead to a nice, hefty lawsuit.

Lest we forget the fate of Chi-Chi's, a Mexican chain of restaurants that closed its U.S. locations after being tied to a Hepatitis A outbreak. (Just for the record though, Chi-Chi's is still in operation in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Indonesia)

Anyway, this time last year we had Salmonella spinach, this year it appears to be tainted tomatoes. So let's all just be careful out there at your local salad bars, taco stands, etc.

Or at least -- until somebody knows a little more about all these random outbreaks.


Lynn Sinclair said...

At this rate, our salads may begin looking a bit colorless. Time to start growing our own veggies?

Lara said...

I LOVE tomatoes. And I haven't stopped buying them. I buy those big beefsteak tomatoes--they're so good on BLT's, hamburgers...etc.etc.

But yeah, that is scary!