Friday, February 01, 2008

That Dirty Double Dipping

Who would have thought Super Bowl Sunday and bacteria could go hand in hand? Well, it seems they definitely could, and if you don't want to share in a nasty little pool of microorganisms with your fellow Super Bowl partygoers, this news might be of interest to you.

As reported in the New York Times this week, research showed on average that three to six double dips transferred about 10,000 bacteria from the eater's mouth to the remaining dip. That means "sporadic" double dipping in a cup of your favorite chip dip would transfer at least 50 to 100 bacteria from one mouth to another -- with every bite. Creepy statistics, no doubt.

Of course, there's always the idea of serving very small, easily breakable chips, incapable of being double dipped. Or, you could probably serve totally emormous chips, but with a very narrow container and a spoon that prevents dipping and encourages more graceful "dolloping" (possibly even making a few little artful rosettes, if one feels so inclined). Or, you could simply leave a copy of the NY Times article next to the dip. Or....

In any event, let's all be careful out there on Super Bowl Sunday, gang.

Talk about taking a page from one of the more memorable Seinfeld episodes. Salsa and corn chips and cooties...oh, my!

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Lynn Sinclair said...

I think the scorn (and banishment from the village) are good deterrents for the double dipping crowd.