Friday, February 08, 2008

Pardon My Big Glass

Just in time for our Valentine’s Day wine-sipping pleasure, comes a report from the Daily Mail that millions of middle-class British women are drinking too much wine. And it seems that larger wine glasses are the reason.

No doubt, in a nation where 16-year-old females (and males) can freely (legally) have a glass of wine in a restaurant while in the company of a parent or adult, this news must come as a complete and total buzz killer, if nothing else.

The study has actually shown that where a glass of wine used to be considered one unit of alcohol, the larger glasses are now considered two. Up to a third of women, particularly those in professional and managerial jobs, exceed the recommended weekly limit and consume more than 30 percent more than those in manual and routine jobs.

Personally, I’m in that camp of die-hard wine lovers who cheered when those itty-bitty wine glasses were replaced with the more ample 12.5 oz. Riedel glasses, that allowed for swirling and inhaling your vino –- without running the risk of having it over-spilled down the front of your blouse. Still, I'll admit that I've never really thought of it in the "Mickey D" way of wine supersizing, until now.

Oh, well, so much for those previous studies which found that 2-3 glasses of wine could actually be *good* for the average woman. Yeah, uh, remember those?

In any event, I’m sure there’ll be more studies to come on this, guaranteed.

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Lynn Sinclair said...

I haven't seen any itty-bitty wine glasses for a long time.