Friday, December 07, 2007

Say It In Chocolate

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Clearly, for dyed-in-the-wool M&M lovers like me, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Just in time for the holidays, and those last minute stocking-stuffer ideas, comes these specialized little chocolate babies, upon which, you can actually display your own personal messages. Sort of like the standard "Will You Be Mine" messages you’d find on those chalky tasting little Valentine’s Day hearts (don’t you just love those...not), difference being, hey, these are M & Ms, guys. America’s favorite little microbe sized treat.

So as corny as some of you might think this is -- I’m stocking up on these. Case closed. (And by the way, personalized Dove chocolates are also available.)

Check out all these holiday sweet treats and more at the My M&Ms website.

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1 comment:

Lynn Sinclair said...

What a neat idea. About 15 years ago, I went on an M&M binge that lasted 2 years. If I ever ordered these for myself, I think the message would have to read: Don't eat me.