Friday, December 21, 2007

Come on…You Know You Love Her


Just in time for yet another great "Yum-O" stocking stuffer, the Food Network is putting the much maligned and ridiculed "Queen Of Quick" Rachael Ray in your Christmas stocking for the next two years. Now it's up to you to decide whether it's something nice, or perhaps just a nice wee lump of proverbial, um...coal

Ray has signed a two-year deal for a new prime-time series called Rachael's Vacation, launching in January 2008, as well as 60 new episodes a year of her successful 30 Minute Meals on daytime (which is actually down from 80 a year).

Seen everywhere these days, from Dunkin Donuts and Triscuit ads, to a daytime TV show on the ABC network morning line-up, my only question is this: Rach, where do you find the time? That is, of course, when you’re not laughing (or, should that be “giggling”?) perkily all the way to the bank.

Whatever it is, it's magic, Rach. Pure magic.

By the way, even though she's a multi-published cookbook author, my favorite will always be one of her first, simply titled, Rachael Ray: 30 Minute Meals

These meals are tasty, clever, and totally work, folks. Trust me on this.


Lynn Sinclair said...

I can't believe that this woman will not to be hospitalized in the next year or two--no one can keep up that pace.

Okay, I couldn't keep up that pace.

Happy holidays, Georgie! Have a wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Big holiday greetings to you and family, Lynn!

Anonymous said...

Just stopped by to wish you love and light for the holidays, and a new year filled with joy, abundance, and writing mojo!

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays, Dev.