Monday, June 18, 2007

Different Take On Reality

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Chef Jacques Pépin and Sunburst Trout in Smoky Mountain, NC

Just as the third seasons of the Bravo network's Top Chef and Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen burst back on the scene for more backstabbing, tantrum-throwing Reality TV kitchen drama, the highly anticipated third season of the award-winning PBS series, Chefs A' Field offers a new batch of culinary adventures for all ages.

America's best chefs - and their kids - venture out to farms, fishing boats and ranches for a look at where great food comes from. Together, the chefs and their children go in search of fresh ingredients for unique local specialties, interacting with farmers, fishermen, foragers and ranchers in Chefs A' Field: Kids on the Farm.

From shrimping in a Louisiana bayou to sampling tomatoes in Taos to cheese-making in Wisconsin, the chefs and their children explore the many faces and places of America's diverse food landscape.

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