Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter... And Okra

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Writer Darcey Steinke and daughter Abby

In her new memoir, Easter Everywhere , novelist Darcey Steinke, author of several novels including Jesus Saves , recounts her life as a minister’s daughter, traveling the country and acquiring tastes for regional dishes like fried okra. "When you get it right," says Steinke, "It’s like crack."

Interesting analogy, no doubt.

Now a resident of Prospect Park, Brooklyn, this former Spin Magazine rock-writer correspondent shares in vivid detail her derailed life as a minister’s kid, and her father's professional life in a poverty-ridden carnival town where he builds a modest A-frame church from a mail-order kit. And then, of course, there's her voluptuous mother, a former beauty pageant queen systematically worn down and oppressed by the degradation of being a poor Lutheran clergyman's wife.

But these days, however, although her new "inner city" lifestyle has yet to avail the perfect eats of her days gone by, Steinke is said to be very fond of the local Caribbean jerk chicken offerings, and as a survey here of her most recent meals reveals, she also knows where to find exceptional sauerbraten, sticky-toffee pudding, and the classic Waldorf salad (with marshmallows) -- which she usually enjoys amidst the company of a local order of nuns.

Easter Everywhere
is a satisfying journey into the complex yet totally engaging story of Steinke’s life, as well as a remarkably good read that should not be missed. Be sure to check this one out soon.

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Lara said...

That could be a stretch--the only Okra I've ever tasted was slimy. No offense, but NOT tasty!

I would imagine it would have to be prepared JUST right!