Monday, April 16, 2007

Au Revoir To Foie Gras

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Wolfgang Puck

As part of a new initiative to fight animal cruelty, celebrity chef, cookbook author and Home Shopping Network entrepreneur, Wolfgang Puck, says he will no longer serve foie gras, the fatty liver produced by overfeeding ducks and geese.

In a recent announcement Puck said guests at his restaurants want to know (before devouring it, of course)that their food: "Is made with fresh, organic ingredients and that the animals were treated well." Okay.

And ironically, this comes around the same time as Burger King's recent promise (read it here ) that it will begin purchasing more eggs and pork from suppliers who refuse to inhumanely pen their livestock up in cages and crates. (Um, yes, right. And especially after their millions of customers finish wolfing down this "humanely acquired" animal flesh and its byproducts, laced with pickles, relish, preservatives, and ketchup, instead of making the "choice" they so freely have if they so choose to have a meatless salad -- and be done with it. Erm...okay.)

In any event, after it’s all been said and done, quite frankly, I don’t mind telling you that I got an even bigger chuckle out of The Onion and their recent 3-person poll on the issue of the "kinder, gentler" indulgence of animal products. And no doubt, Pete DuMont, Systems Analyst says it best:

"Now all that's left for them to do is to stop buying from farms that feed their livestock Burger King."

Enough said.

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