Friday, March 02, 2007

By Popular Demand

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The word these days is there's *more* good Pinot Noir available than ever before. According Ray Isle over at Food & Wine Magazine:

“The best wines I tasted offered that elusive Pinot character: profound aromatic complexity, silky texture, delicate but saturated flavor, and firm but never overbearing structure. Fruit characteristics ranged from ripe blackberry to sour cherry; nuanced notes of herbs, licorice, flowers and earth marked some of the top wines. Alcohol levels ranged from a lithe 12.5 percent to a hulking 15.4 percent—indicating a wine that’s about as graceful as a rhino on ice skates.”

Check out what else he has to say about Pinot Noir in this month’s issue of Food and Wine .

Also: For the best food pairings with this wonderful wine, be sure to go to to find a listing of Pinot-friendly recipes. And trust me on the Stir-Fry Peking Lamb With Peppers and Green Beans . I tried it this past some rave reviews.

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