Monday, March 26, 2007


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Author and Reality TV Super Chef, Gordon Ramsay

According to a recent article in The New Yorker, the fire-breathing, plate throwing, line-chef abusing, Gordon Ramsay, of the Fox Network’s Hell’s Kitchen is not such a "bad guy" at all. Meaning perhaps, that all that foul-mouthed, Hell's Kitchen super drama -- really is for the sake of the TV cameras?? In fact, the 3-star Michelin rated restaurateur goes on to say about his New York restaurant in a recent documentary for Britain’s Channel Four:

"I do television so I can do New York." He was apparently again, referring to Hell’s Kitchen, the reality TV show (and totally manic scream-a-thon) he introduced to an American audience. "Basically, I’m a prostitute," he continued, "I prostitute myself so I can have a restaurant here. But I don’t fully take off my knickers."

That would probably explain a whole lot, methinks.

In any event, read more on Chef Gordon Ramsay’s softer side here.

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