Monday, February 05, 2007

Bush Crackers

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Former White House Chef and author, Walter Scheib

“The Loneliest President,” the title cover story of last week’s New York Magazine continues to speak volumes...well, so to speak. And as a tie-in with President George W. Bush’s alleged near-delusional state of mind (yes, right about here is where the "crackers" question would come into play), it just might appear as having something to do with the departures of two of his pastry chefs during his current administration.

But now it seems that a new memoir titled White House Chef by former head cook Walter Scheib, who was fired by the Bushes in early 2005, supports the suggestions that the president is “emotionally stunted and a totally narcissistic personality.”

Scheib goes on to claim that the president constantly referred to him as “cookie,” and wanted his food to “hit the table at the same time his hind parts hit the chair.” Oh, and by the way, Scheib also reveals that Mr. President would never eat anything green or... “wet.”

Shades of his dad's bombshell admission back in the late 80s of an intense dislike for broccoli, perhaps?

In any event, you can read more here about our president's state of mind when it comes to food, i.e., his apparent love of "simpler" pleasures such as BLTs, Kraft Singles, and barbeque.

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