Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Robert Irvine's New Mission

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Happy 2007, one and all, and it looks like reality TV will be starting us off over at the Food Network channel with chef extraordinare Robert Irvine and a new show called Dinner Impossible, premiering on Wednesday, January 24 at 10pm/9c (check your local listings).

Irvine, who has cooked for the British royal family and four US presidents, and his two sous chefs (ironically both named "George") will be put into (yeah...you guessed it) "Mission Impossible" types of dilemmas, where they'll have to prepare gourmet food while overcoming various obstacles. For example, one episode will feature the chefs having to shop for and prep dinner for 150, to be served on a train -- assuming that they don't get left at the station. Another will feature the chefs cooking with 18th century equipment and utensils, also on a tight timeline. Basically, the chefs won't know where they're going, where they'll be working or who they'll be cooking for until they get there, and will have to cook the best food they can under the circumstances.

And while it does sound just a tad familiar -- it also sounds like the kind of stuff that will easily make some of the Quick-Fire and Elimination challenges over at the Bravo Network's Top Chef look a bit tame. But unlike Top Chef, no one has to be vote-off at the end of each episode, so it should make this all the more interesting.

Stay tuned.

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Devon Ellington said...

Yeah, it looks a bit interesting. It reminds me of that show in the UK where they show up at someone's house and have to make a meal out of whatever's there.