Friday, December 15, 2006

New Year Plans For Old NY Eatery

The long-shuttered and graffiti-ridden Childs Restaurant in Coney Island, Brooklyn could soon be re-opening as a seaside food court or upscale restaurant, according to a recent article in the NY Daily News.

Childs Restaurant, which opened the first of its nine cafeteria-style diners in 1898, extended to Coney Island in 1922 and included rooftop dancing. At one time, they were also a familiar sight and very much part of the overall fabric further north in Manhattan, along with their great meals and affordable prices.

So for all you nostalgic New Yorkers like me, who remember this great restaurant chain, and possibly what you were up to in those glorious yesterday years of Coney Island, the original Nathan's Famous eatery, the super-fantastic Steeplechase Amusements, etc., paste on your best smiley face of the day -- and read more here.

Oh, the memories...

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