Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Finding A Fortune

I'm pretty sure the owner of this site actually got my attention with this:

I'm willing to collect more of these things. Why? I don't like stamps.

A collector of anecdotes for fortune cookies that are odd, unusual, or just plain bizarre, the Weird Fortune Cookie website is one of the most cleverly "entertaining" sites I've visited in a while.

And then of course, by the time I read this… I already knew I was definitely hooked:
If you would even consider using lucky numbers given to you by a fortune like the one above (okay... here's where you *must* refer to the link provided above) -- you need to do the following:
1. Go get a dictionary and look up the word irony.
2. Mark the page so you won't lose it in the next step.
3. Beat yourself over the head with the dictionary and repeat the phrase "I am unfit to live without supervision" 300 times.
Now leave my site at once.


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