Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Complete New Year's Eve Guide

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If you live in, or plan to be in the New York area, it's all here courtesy of New York Magazine with everything from the best cork-popping bashes to the best spots for hangover brunches well after daybreak on January 1.

And with this, I'll wrap things up here for the year 2006. Have a blast whichever way you decide to spend the evening, including a little bit of "the hair of the dog" if you're so inclined the following morning. Let each and every one of us also try to make the year 2007 the best one of the new millennium -- to date. Additionally, as well as most importantly, let us all try to keep our fearless U.S. soldiers stationed in various outposts overseas close to our hearts and *always* in our thoughts.

Here's hoping to see more of these brave men and women COMING HOME to their families and loved ones soon.

A HAPPY AND A HEALTHY 2007, everybody!

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