Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Revisiting Jamie's Fifteen

UK uber chef and cookbook author, Jamie Oliver

Long before his School Dinners program for the purpose of serving more healthful foods throughout the British School System, was the 2002 documentary aptly title, Jamie's Kitchen . And agreeably, some of the students he pledged to help in this effort, appeared to have the most questionable work habits, leading many to see exactly *why* they were jobless -- in the first place. Still, Jamie Oliver, one of the UK's youngest and brightest master chefs was nonetheless dedicated in giving these 15 young Londoners a chance, as well as an "opportunity of a lifetime" at a full-fledged culinary career. Ultimately, it all became a part of his Fifteen Restaurant charity program, in collaboration with the original London restaurant, of the very same name.

This week, TLC: The Learning Channel is airing this series again, and for me, it still remains a must-see, especially for those who never had the privilege of seeing it the first time.

Clearly, there's a lot of true-to-life food service TV reality... going on here.

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