Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rachael's Talking

30-Minute Meal Maven, Rachael Ray

Or, at least she will be, and with the blessing of the Daytime Queen Of Chat herself, Oprah Winfrey.

Announced earlier this year at New York's Night Of A Thousand Dinners benefit, it seems Rachael Ray has stirred up a deal with Oprah for her very own hour-long talk show produced by Oprah's Harpo Productions which is set to debut in the fall.

The syndicated show, which will aim to be intimate and fun -- and not celebrity-driven -- is not just aimed towards foodies and wannabe gourmet chefs, but for anyone looking to improve their lives -- whether it be how to organize your office or trying something new outside of the kitchen.

And of course, all I can say is: Damn good going, Rach! With several Food Network TV spots (30-Minute Meals still an overall favorite), multiple cookbooks, the launch of your Everyday Magazine , being voted one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People for 2006, and now your very own talk show...where does it end??

The short answer is hopefully -- it won't.

So let me just exclaim E.V.O.O., YUM-O, and all your other catch-phrases that constantly have your critics rolling their eyes (through an apparent lack of what else to do with themselves, no doubt) -- but keep you happily carting it all off to the bank, girlfriend.

Looking forward to catching you this fall.

Good Wednesday, all. Peace.

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