Monday, June 05, 2006

Take Him Home

Curtis Stone of the Take Home Chef

Picture it. You're in your local supermarket, humming to the current "Muzaky" tune on the speaker system and cursing fate for not allowing you to finally nail those weekly Jackpot numbers so that "What's for dinner?" would be your newly acquired kitchen staff's daily dilemma -- and not yours. Then out of nowhere a young man walks up to you in Aisle 3, introduces himself as a chef, and offers to cook a full course dinner for you at your home. Which now begs the question:

Would you nod politely, smile, then proceed to hand over complete and free rein of your shopping cart ?

Well, that's basically the premise of the Take Home Chef the new show starring the handsome and hunky Australian chef, Curtis Stone.

Sporting a chiseled physique and spiked blonde highlights all at the tender age of 30, Chef Stone's culinary skills are equally impressive. After cooking his way through Europe, he worked for Michelin three-star chef Marco Pierre White in London and eventually became head chef of White's second restaurant, Quo Vadis. In each episode of the show, Curtis prepares a menu worthy of attention with his chosen shopper standing by as chief onlooker and sous chef. The show debuts June 16 at 8 p.m. on The Learning Channel, but they're showing sneak peeks presently at 5 and 5:30 P.M. weekdays.

And needless to say, you'd win both my shopping cart and my kitchen, Chef Stone.

So best of luck with Take Home Chef and looking forward to perhaps meeting up with you one day in the produce section or gourmet aisle… of my local Bag 'N Buy.

Let's make it a good Monday and an even greater week, all. Peace

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