Friday, June 30, 2006


In the summer months, no doubt seafood is always a favorite. And with many of the world's waters being overfished or exploited, knowing how to navigate the aisles of our local fish markets is becoming more and more -- a must.

This and other related subjects will be fully explored tomorrow through a program in conjunction with the Environmental Defense's Ocean Alive campaign. Along with Chef-Instructor Melanie Underwood, this one-day course will teach seafood lovers and cooks how to use environmentally responsible ingredients in dishes like steamed New Zealand mussels with coconut milk, green curry paste, and lemongrass; seafood salad with rice paper, Artic char with Gremolata; and roasted black cod with shallots, and more.

Interested? Well, it's happening tomorrow evening here in NYC at the Institute of Culinary Education at:

50 W. 23rd St., New York, NY 10010
(between Fifth and Sixth Aves.)

To find out about this and other year-round recreational cooking classes check out the calendar of classes at the ICE website

And that's about it for me here this week. Have yourselves a great 4th of July weekend, all. Peace.

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