Monday, May 08, 2006

Getting Sauced For The Cause

Famous Dave Anderson

By far, in my opinion one of the better places for fast foods put to the barbecue flame, on May 20, during national BBQ month, Famous Dave's restaurants across the U.S. will host the World's Biggest Backyard BBQ at locations in their local communities from 11am to 2pm. Half of all proceeds from these events will benefit Share Our Strength and the fight against childhood hunger.

In addition to the World's Biggest Backyard BBQ, new Famous Dave's locations host Bar-b-que Debuts immediately prior to opening to benefit Share Our Strength. To find out more and to find a Backyard BBQ in your neighborhood, visit the restaurant locator at the Famous Dave website. Also, check out Dave Anderson's inspiring profile page which outlines that since the age of 20, this native American entrepeneur credits hard work and perserverence as the two main ingredients for his overall succeess.

Kudos for your efforts in the fight against hunger, Dave.

And don't forget -- to find a Famous Dave's in your area on May 20th...and get sauced!

Make it a good Monday, all. Peace.

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