Monday, May 15, 2006

Celebrating 200 Years On The Rocks

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According to The Museum Of The American Cocktail (I'll bet you didn't even know there was such a museum -- did you??) this past Saturday, May 13th marked the 200th Anniversary of one of America's favorite drinks as well as its "happiest" hour. And please, don't mind me... My Mother's Day braised duck was an absolute smash yesterday, so pardon all puns here today if you possibly can. In short -- I'm feeling good!

Anyway, it's all here at the MOTAC website. And does the cocktail really need a museum, you ask?

The answer according to this month's New York Magazine is: "Yes." And why? Well, it seems that it's the first culinary art that was truly considered American, and up until Prohibition, it was the one thing that European visitors, especially the more sporty ones, always commented on regarding the trends on this side of the pond. Just call it a "Let's see you top this, Europe" kind of thing, if you will.

By the way, if you're interested in visiting one of the museum's satellite displays, one just happens to be on the second floor of The Balance , a nightclub in Chelsea here in New York City at: 215 West 28th Street, and curated by cocktail historian, David Wondrich, author of Esquire Drinks: An Opinionated & Irreverent Guide to Drinking With 250 Drink Recipes.

The exhibit is said to include reproductions of early colonial distiller's books, the articles in which the word "cocktail" and "mixologist" first appeared, rare books and barware from imminent collectors. A film presentation will also show visitors the great watering holes of old New York, the original methods for mixing drinks, and how to prepare some of the classics.

So check it out if you can, and don't be shy to accept any and all "sample materials" being handed out.

Bottoms up!

Good Monday, all. Peace.

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