Friday, May 26, 2006

Bringing Back The Heat

Executive Chef Gordon Ramsay

Be prepared for the long hot summer ahead, or at least it will be when the Fox Network resurrects chef Gordon Ramsay of the cooking show The F Word in the UK, for a second helping of last summer's teeth gnashing "abuse fest" here in the U.S. aptly titled, Hell's Kitchen . In any event, Gordon Ramsay will be in charge of a new group of quivering and cowering wannabe chefs for Season Two. Last night I caught a glimpse of a promo for the upcoming season opener premiering next month. And guaranteed, for TV viewers who actually saw true entertainment value last year in the sporadic hissy fits and plate throwing, heated threats bordering on the advent of something a bit more physical, cameras zooming in within a hair's length as dishes by the contestants are compared to that of a "dog's dinner," etc., then get ready for Round 2 because once again -- this one's definitely for you.

Cheers, Gordon. Simon Cowell of the kitchen and the food world? Yes, indeedy, my good sir. Without a doubt.

By the way, Chef Gordon Ramsay is the author of three cookbooks, one of them titled, In the Heat of the Kitchen .
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Have a great Memorial Day weekend, all. And while firing up the outdoor grill for your burgers, steaks, seafood kabobs, and flame-broiled corn on the cob, etc., remember to keep our young men and women of the Armed Forces, past as well as present, in your hearts and minds. Peace.

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