Thursday, May 25, 2006

America's Choice

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In addition to Taylor Hicks' big win on American Idol last night (shall I mention here yet again that he was also MY projected winner?), over on the Bravo channel it was Harold Dieterle of New York City all the way for the title of America's Top Chef. Ironically, a simultaneous online vote for who Americans thought should be Top Chef saw Harold at 93% and his opponent, Tiffini Faison of Las Vegas taking in a paltry 7% of the vote.

And they say that votes aren't truly reflective of what people are thinking??

In any case... sorry, Tiff. At the point where you tried to take credit in front of the judges last night for your dessert course, which was clearly your sous chef Dave Martin's baby from start to finish, what respect I did have for you as a talented female chef who appeared to *truly* know her way around a kitchen regardless of personalities, popularity, etc., was totally lost. 'Nuff said. If you were, in fact, specially chosen to be the Season One antagonist to everyone else's protagonist role -- it worked.

Super congratulations, Harold. No doubt, we'll all be hearing great and exciting things about you in the days and months ahead. Good job.
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Good Thursday, all. Peace.

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