Monday, April 10, 2006

Top Wine Picks For Spring

Larry Stone

For that, I think one should at least consult an expert on the subject, perhaps even a noted authority like San Francisco's superstar sommelier, Larry Stone (pictured above), wine director of the Rubicon restaurant in San Francisco.

Larry is one of the most well-known sommeliers in the world, and has already listed his seasonal suggestions in this month's issue of Epicurious Magazine. He basically chose wines to go with Easter and Passover menus, and bottles that pair well with food from Provence (to tie in with Epicurious' upcoming culinary travelogue on the famous French region), and some general spring wines to enjoy at any time:

.Easter: Ham Or Lamb?

.Kosher Wines For Passover

.Celebrate Sweet Springtime

.Wines For A Provençal Table

Larry Stone is a two-time recipient of the James Beard Award for Outstanding Wine Service and the first American to win the title of International Best Sommelier in French Wines and Spirits in Paris. He also remains the only American to have earned the title of Maître Sommelier from the Union de la Sommellerie Française.

With Easter and Passover just around the corner, his picks are on-point for wine lovers of all sorts -- so make sure to check it all out in the links provided above.

By the way, among his red wine picks for spring, Larry just happens to suggest one of my personal favorites: Chianti Rufina (an orange and nutty flavored aromatic from the Tuscany region of Italy that's moderately priced here in the U.S. -- and totally unequalled).


Have a good pre-Easter Monday, all. Peace.

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