Friday, April 07, 2006

Mario On The Fast-Track

We're talking auto racing -- of course, and taking a cue from the dedicated NASCAR fans in my household (well, okay...mainly through the miracle of a wide-screen TV and *post* football season), I'd just like to give a quick plug to Food Network's Mario Batali , on his recent appointment as the organization's "official chef."

A longtime NASCAR fan himself, Mario's latest written offering, Mario Tailgates NASCAR Style, just hit the bookstore shelves on Tuesday, and is also an officially licensed NASCAR cookbook.

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With its easy recipes and clear, simple instructions, Mario's new "cooking NASCAR" effort is the source for tailgating for fans around the country. It features regional favorites and classic grilling recipes on which Mario has put his signature spin. Included are ideas for breakfast, appetizers, main courses, desserts, and drinks, all incorporating ingredients found in almost any supermarket. Written with Mario’s usual wit and candor (both masterful and often times priceless), and punctuated with racing lore, this book allows everyone to cook great-tasting food with ease and have the folks tailgating next to you longing for leftovers.

Along with the standard crowd-pleasers such as barbecued chicken wings, burgers and ribs, all of which can be enjoyed in a parking lot or backyard patio, I have to admit that some of the dishes with an ethnic twist, such as Queso Fundido (a Mexican cheese creation) and Thai Flank Steak sound downright tempting for either the racing OR the *football* tailgating crowd (which is probably when my husband will very politely remind me -- again -- about this book).

So stay tuned. More dish about that later on in the fall months, I'm sure.

Celebrity super chef, Mario Batali, is also the owner of several upscale restaurants. One of them, is his popular flagship eatery Babbo Ristorante, here in New York City.

And that's all from me this week. Have a super weekend, gang. Peace.

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