Friday, March 31, 2006

Rachael In Print

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Before I wrap things up here for the week, I'd just like to give another nod to Food Network's 30 Minute Meals host, Rachael Ray, and her new glossy, the Everyday magazine. And no, I'll not comment here again on the age-old question that's been buzzing around for far too long : Is she, or is she not a "bona fide" chef?

Quite frankly...who cares? Well, yes, I'm sure some do (or seem to), but I'll just let them deal with that -- along with the valuable time that's wasted in thinking about it. Without any doubt, for anyone who wishes or cares to check out Rachael Ray's * lengthy * background in the food industry, the answer to this question remains more than clear.

In any case, I'd like to mention one of Rachael's fantastically time-saving recipes that I tried out on the hubster just last night. And by the way, the big guy loved it. I think I should also mention here that my better half is the proverbial "Mikey" (if you were around in the 70s most likely you'll remember those Life cereal ads) who hates just about everything. But, this was one that he really enjoyed. Rachael also recommends either vegetable or peanut oil for this one, and not her usual "E.V.O.O" (her simple way of saying "extra-virgin olive oil") that has many of her detractors harping and moaning...constantly. And yes, trust me, I already know. Extra-virgin olive oil is just as it says, and normally reaches the point of over-heating faster than regular virgin olive oil, and therefore, will often impede the natural flavors of your ingredients when it's used for sautéing. Nevertheless, as Rachael and many of us also know, it's not always the case depending upon -- the particular dish you happen to be preparing at the time.

Anyway, the full recipe for last night's Ginger-Scallion Slaw with Five-Spice Snapper is here (thanks Rach!):

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And that's all for me here this week. Make it a great weekend. Peace.


Madeline said...

I am glad there are some other Rachael Ray fans out there. Seems like most people focus more on the "is she a real chef" issue than the fact that her recipes really work. Speaking of her recipes, I can't talk my husband into snapper. Do you think tilapia or sole would work?


H.G. Dowdell said...

Hi Madeline

I think tilapia might be a good alternative for this recipe. The sole may not have enough firmness, just in my own opinion.

But try it. And yes, Rachael is an absolute *ace* when it comes to these recipes.


Madeline said...

Thanks, H.G. I will try it and let you know!