Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Foodie Facts From Behind the Scenes

Come on, foodies, admit it...ever wonder what Emeril Lagasse himself makes for a late night snack?

How about what Rachael Ray cooks up when she's feeling romantic? (With a bubbly onscreen persona like hers, wouldn't you think she'd have a bit of a personal romantic side all her own?) And what influence did Dino DeLaurentiis have on his granddaughter, Giada? (That of all things...made her decide on a career in food) Well, that's the premise behind Chefography, Food Network's 5-part profile of its most popular personalities, their lives behind the scenes -- as well as their author side -- with the cookbooks and various other books they've written, further making them a household name. We'll enter their homes and learn from friends and family where they find inspiration and what they do when they're not shooting a television series or standing in the spotlight.

It's starting the week of March 13th, with Emeril's profile and journey to success being the first up of the series.

Don't miss it.

Good Wednesday, all. Peace.

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