Monday, March 20, 2006

Cooking With Combs

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Sean "P. Diddy" Combs

Yes, Diddy is in the house, and he's also in the kitchen now for Celebrity Cooking Showdown, a five-night reality (yes, that's right, another one) miniseries being prepped and made ready as I type this by NBC for an April debut. Jeez, at this rate, give us another two or three years -- and sitcoms and TV new shows will be a total thing of the past. Ya think??

In any event, on board with Diddy in this venture is Ben Silverman (The Biggest Loser, The Restaurant) and David A. Hurwitz (Fear Factor). And blending elements of Food Network's Iron Chef America and ABC's Dancing With the Stars, the show will pair superstar chefs with celebs in a weeklong cooking competition. Culinary titans Wolfgang Puck, Cat Cora (Food Network's Kitchen Accomplished) and Govind Armstrong (executive chef at Table 8 in L.A.) have signed on to help tutor celebs in preparation for culinary battle.

The first three episodes of the series will feature each of the three chefs tutoring a celeb and training them for their moment in the spotlight. Celebs will then face off against each other in a timed competition to create a three-course meal.

Trust me, guys…this one ought to be nothing short of entertaining, if nothing else. So stay tuned.

And speaking of Wolfgang Puck, owner of the trendy Spago Restaurant among several others, I'll take this opportunity to plug a totally* terrific* book called Spago Desserts, which outlines in detail how to make some of the most delicious Spago-style pastries you can imagine. Written by Spago pastry chef, Mary Bergin and food writer, Judy Gethers, the recipes in this cookbook include the standard techniques that a good pastry chef should have -- not discounting the talents of those of us who do it -- at home.
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Spring is finally here today, gang (and regardless of how I'm freezing my natural bejazzies off here in NYC today!). So let's all make it a good Monday and an even better first-sign-of-spring week. Peace.

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