Friday, March 03, 2006

American Idol – Down to the Final 16

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Before having to scoot out of here this week (sorry, lots and lots of writing work on my plate this weekend, folks) I just wanted to very briefly mention the huge lesson in humility that hopefully was learned with this past week's voting outcome on AI. And for all of you who watch this competition, I'm sure you already know what I mean regarding last night's Final 20 elimination round.

I just think it's an unfortunate pity that where there definitely appears to be a certain degree of talent and some potential, it misguidedly becomes marred by swell-headedness and a vast disregard for overall common sense -- while relying on "America" to turn a blind eye to this when picking up their phones to cast their votes on your performance.

What's "cute" for a while, often becomes downright unattractive and tiresome in the end, guys. And as always, America voted this past week -- and once again -- proved this to be true.

In any case, best of luck to the remaining 16 elimination round contestants next week. And yes, as promised, after next week I'll be revealing my personal 2 top picks to win in the final 12.

Make it a great weekend all, Peace.

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