Monday, February 27, 2006

What's Next

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In 1979 there were few places you could go without seeing at least one or two people with their noses buried deep in his blockbuster bestseller Kane & Abel.

And now after serving a prison term in his native England for perjury, internationally acclaimed novelist and politician, Jeffrey Archer, has decided to give up on politics -- but hopefully not the business of writing. I, and I'm sure many others who've enjoyed his flair with the pen, would love to see this gifted author come back strong with as many more fascinating stories of K&A caliber, for as long as he's able to do it. Read more about his plans since being released from a two-year sentence in 2003 here. This article also outlines in brief detail what landed him in hot water (and jail) in the first place -- which I won't even bother to go into here. Simply put, Archer has done his time, paid his dues, and now, the only thing I'd want to talk about here -- is what new writing projects he might have in the works.

Come on, Jeffrey, it's been far too long, so don’t let your K&A fans down. Give us more -- and soon.

And for those of you who have never read Kane & Abel or any of Jeffrey Archer's other books, I highly recommend them. The man is a true master of his game when it comes to the art of telling a story.

Good Monday, all. Peace.

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